La Rosè Moisturizing Lotion (3.75 oz lotion pump)

by Nature's Complement

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You asked for it, we made it! Introducing our La Rosè lotion. Derived from our original moisturizing cream, but designed with an easy to apply lotion in mind. Nature’s Complement La Rosè moisturizing lotion goes on silky smooth, absorbs quickly, and keeps your skin moisturized all day long. Great for those who have dry skin or dry hands, and a wonderful overall body lotion. Outstanding for those who wash their hands often, as this lotion creates a moisture barrier that prevents your skin from drying out due to washing. Choose our 2 oz dispensing pump for general use on your hands and face, or our 4 oz lotion pump for increased dispensing to use on your body. But really, a little bit goes a long way. Here at Tober’s Traditions, we don’t believe in using fillers to make it look like you’re getting more. This is just pure lotion made from only the highest quality scientifically researched ingredients, and no harmful synthetic chemicals.

Nature's Complement
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