Swanson Icelandic Secret Volumizing Shampoo With Chitoclear Chitosan

by Swanson Health Products

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About the product

Swanson Ultra Icelandic Secret Volumizing Shampoo is the natural choice for clean, healthy, voluptuous hair that exudes radiant beauty. The "secret" ingredient that makes it so remarkably effective is ChitoClear Chitosan, a natural polysaccharide that interacts with hair's keratin to enhance moisture retention, making hair softer and more manageable while protecting against heat and sun damage. Combined with aloe vera gel, vitamins A, D and E and a synergistic blend of botanical extracts, it makes one beautifying secret that we're delighted to share.

Swanson Health Products
  • Size8.5 fl oz (250 ml)
  • Amazon ASINB00LPE93PS
  • Product ID from ManufacturerSWU882
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