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  • Other Negative Aspects8.0
    • Chemicals Used in Production8.0
      • "Bad Actor" Ingredients8.0
        • Ingredient Prohibited by Trade Association8.0
  • Data Adequacy4.0
    • Ingredient Disclosure4.0
      • Ingredient Detail4.0


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This is the gift we give our girlfriends as the secret for those cottage cheese thigh issues. Now we're not making any claims here, but around the office this is what we talk about over coffee. Traditionally, grapefruit has been recommended to get your body working. And bergamot, well, lets just say we've been told it's something to grab with your hanky when you've got the blues. So what could be better than a scrub that combines the two? And hey, if it doesn't work out, at least you smell good. That's more than any of us can say for our last break ups. Get several, the girls will thank you.

Level Naturals
  • Size16 Oz
  • Amazon ASINB007FZPLTS
  • Product ID from Manufacturer523295
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    • 753182775098