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An extremely high quality oil blend, our 100% natural bath and body oil is formulated to moisturize and replenish your skin. Jojoba oil, which is the main ingredient, is almost identical to the natural oils (sebum) our skin makes. As we age, our skin produces less of this natural oil. By using our oil blend you are helping to replenish that diminishing natural oil supply. Some of the other exquisite and nutritious oils in our natural blend include sweet almond, apricot kernel and avocado. Avocado is a nutrient rich oil and is reputed to be good for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This special natural oil blend is also enriched with vitamin e, kelp extract and seaweed extract. All these great , and more, make this oil an ideal natural moisturizer to use after a bath or shower. Many people think, because it is an oil blend, that it will be greasy. The fact is, it is less greasy than most creams or lotions. This is an extremely light natural blend that spreads easily and readily soaks into your skin. A little goes a long way, it only takes a few drops to moisturize your whole arm. When you are using it as a moisturizer, just remember to shake it out, don't pour it out . This natural product is also perfect to use as a bath oil, for make-up removal and for body massage. We even use it as a facial moisturizer.

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