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It cleans dead cells to due to dandruff and damaged hair. WE do not add any chemicals, any sodium! and no zinc! This means it is safe for you and your family and your pets. Neem shampoo is awesome for people that have pets with dry itchy skin. We personally use it on our dogs and one in particular has really bad allergies and use to itch all the time. Notice I said "use to". Neem is is a way of adding the natural oils back in your scalp and will certainly help. People, cats dogs it does not matter, it works the same and is gentle enough for a baby. We pride our selves on our products and sell only the best natural dandruff shampoos available. One of the biggest ingredients in other manufactures of shampoo is sulfate and sodium. Sulfate or sodium temporarily fixes the problem but then can create other problems. Use all natural neem shampoo and you will see the difference.

Harvest Moon
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