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  • Ingredient Hazards10
  • This product contains no ingredients with health concerns.
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About the product

Reveal 10 is our powerful dual anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish treatment. One of our all-time most popular products, Reveal contains a potent combination of glycolic, lactic and mandaic acid that treats breakouts and scarring, while simultaneously removing dead, dull skin cells and speeding collagen production, giving you a clear and youthful complexion. Reveal 10 is a safe and natural substitue for Retin-A Cream, as it does not contain the pore clogging isopropyl myristate or any other harsh chemicals that cause skin irritation., One of our all-time most popular products, Reveal 10 contains a potent combination of glycolic and lactic acid that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps with overall brightening of skin tone and helps with skin imperfection while simultaneously cleaning pores and helps exfoliate dead, dull skin cells, giving you a clean and youthful complexion

Vasseur Skincare
  • Size0.5 oz