Great Value All Natural Spicy Brown Mustard

by Great Value

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Rating details

  • Nutritional Value

  • Certifications

  • Nutritional Value2.0
    • Nutrition Score2.0
      • Ratio of Recommended to Restricted Nutrients 2.0
        • Score for Foods of Minimal Value2.0
  • Certifications10
    • Product Safety10
      • Food10
        • Genetic Modification Certifications10
          • Non-GMO True Food Network10
          • GE free10

Nutrition facts

Serving size is 5g.  Amount per serving is:

  • Calories5
  • Vitamin A0%
  • Vitamin C0%
  • Folic Acid0%
  • Calcium0%
  • Iron0%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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Great Value
  • Product ID from Manufacturer037433,9289908
  • UPCs
    • 0007874237433
  • Weight12 oz.


  • True Food Network's non-GMO Shopping Guide
    True Food Network's non-GMO Shopping Guide
    Indicates whether a company has stated that its food products do not contain genetically-modified organisms (GMO). Compiled from survey results by The True Food Network, a project of the Center for Food Safety (www.truefoodnow.org). Note that U.S. food manufacturers are not required to label products as GMO-free.

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