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Gently reduces puffiness. Brightens dark circles & massages eye area. Caffeine. Vitamin B5. Should I try CVS/pharmacy Eye Brightener Roller Pen? At night while you're sleeping, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes appear. If you want to stimulate the under-eye area and diminish puffiness and dark circles, then you should try CVS/pharmacy Eye Brightener Roller Pen. What results should I expect? Skin under eyes will look bright and healthy. Over time, puffiness and dark circles diminish. Nutrition for your skin. Your skin's appearance reflects your health and inner beauty. Restore essential nutrients to protect and nurture cells within the surface layers of the skin. Your skin's beauty is a reflection of all you do for yourself, including nutrition and lifestyle. Take the next step to revitalize your skin from the outside in, every day. Absorbs quickly. Non-greasy. Oil-free. Ideal for use under makeup. Massages eye area.

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