Terressentials Super Protection Deodorant, Fragrance-free Organic Aloe Vera

by Terressentials

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  • Ingredient Hazards10
  • This product contains no ingredients with health concerns.
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About the product

Other deodorants just weren't good enough, so we made a better one-without synthetic ingredients like aluminum chlorhydrate, propylene glycol, xanthan gum or parabens. Specially formulated to help neutralize the sulfur compounds that can result from eating garlic! Our one deodorant for sensitive folks to try.

  • Size3 oz.
  • Product ID from Manufacturer493-600


  • PETA Animal Treatment Assessment
    PETA Animal Treatment Assessment
    Indicates the manufacturer of this product is on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) "Does Not Test on Animals” List. According to PETA, this list includes companies that have stated they do not “conduct any animal tests that are not required by law,” either by signing PETA’s statement of assurance or provided a “statement verifying that they do not conduct or commission any non-required animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future.”

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