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  • Talc is suspected of causing asthma. This list is a compilation of various sources including those that "may cause sensitization by inhalation" and includes some agents that are identified according to the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC) as asthmagens or chemicals of concern for their potential to cause asthma.
  • Talc is suspected of causing cancer, according to official classification designated under an EU regulation known as EU - CLP (1272/2008) as well as those designated by the International Agency for the Research on Cance (IARC) as IARC Group 2B (Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans) substances.
  • Talc has been restricted in cosmetics use by the European Union.
  • Talc has been restricted for use in cosmetics in Canada.
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an Agency of the World Health Organization (WHO) that reviews published literature to evaluated human carcinogens, has found some evidence of an association between ovarian cancer and the use of talc-based body powder for feminine hygiene including use of any talc-based body powder in the female genital area. IARC has used these data to classify talc-based powders used in the female genital area as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B). Talc which is a naturally mined substance can be found in two forms: those containing asbestos or asbestiform fibers and those not containing these fibers. Talc containing asbestiform fibers has been associated with increases in lung cancer and mesotheliomas in persons employed in talc mining. Inhaled talc not containing asbestos or asbestiform fibers (expected to be used in cosmetics) is not classifiable as a carcinogen according to IARC. In addition, in several lawsuits in the US, juries have found a linkage between talc and cancer. This chemical of concern will continued to be monitored by Good Guide to assure up-to-date information in regards to its carcinogenicity.

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