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  • GoodGuide Helps Health Conscious Consumers Make Informed Decisions2/7/2017
  • Time Magazine9/2/2016Health Risks and 5 Other Secrets Barcodes Can Tell You

    There's a lot more hiding in those black and white lines than you'd think.

  • Cal Alumni Association5/1/2016Better Living Through Chem Analysis: Consumers Gain Access to Safety Studies

    Consumers gain access to safety studies, and corporations take note.

  • Fox News4/25/201610 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Eye Makeup

    Makeup is supposed to make you look even more beautiful, but that beauty comes at a cost when you consider the toxic chemicals that are lurking in most brands of eye shadows, liners, mascaras, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers and false-lash adhesives.

  • The New York Times4/20/2016Apps to Build Your Understanding of the Environment

    Programs to help you shop for food and skin care products, learn about wildlife and observe weather patterns and sea level changes.

  • The Huffington Post2/20/20164 Surprising Everyday Items That Can Hurt Your Health

    You probably use these things all the time, but now you might want to think twice.

  • The Wall Street Journal12/17/2015Why Chemical Firms Are Seeking More U.S. Regulation

    Senate passes bill, favored by chemical industry, that could affect vast swath of economy

  • GreenBiz12/10/2015How Target and Walmart Led a Push to Make Over Makeup

    After prioritizing their own strategies for years, the retailers are backing industry-driven leadership for sustainable cosmetics.

  • Plastic Expert5/18/20157 Free Apps To Make You Greener!

    Become greener with these 7 apps! Let us tell you a bit about them…

  • Is Your Shampoo Trying to Kill You? GoodGuide’s Got Your Back.09/23/2014

    It seems like every few months, we hear about a new, harmful chemical in things we use and consume every day. In a world with yoga-mat bread and cancer-causing soap, what’s a sustainability-minded and health-conscious consumer to do?

  • The New York Times6/18/2014For Ideas on How to Live Greener, Think Mobile

    Smartphones and tablets may not seem to be designed with the environment in mind, being made of complex layers of plastics, metals and electronics, with chemical batteries. But apps may help you adopt environmentally sensible habits in your daily life.

  • Science Magazine6/6/2014The science of sustainable supply chains

    Recent advances in the science and technology of global supply chain management offer near–real-time demand-response systems for decision-makers across production networks. Technology is helping propel “fast fashion” and “lean manufacturing,” so that companies are better able to deliver products consumers want most.

  • A Bullseye View5/26/2014What Sustainability Means at Target

    “It’s about what innovation we can drive around sustainability at Target,” says Katie Erickson, vice president, Category Marketing, Sustainability and Bullseye Brand at Target. “The power of a company like Target to push the industry and our vendors and partners is inspiring. You can feel the momentum.”

  • the guardian4/28/2014Alarm System Psychology is Put to Use in Making Sure Apps Get Your Attention

    Application developers tackle the problems of habituation and credibility – the reasons even emergency alarms can get ignored.

  • Triple Pundit10/14/2013Target Teams Up with GoodGuide to Rate Sustainable Products

    Target is teaming up with GoodGuide to develop a Sustainable Product Standard to rate its products based on health, transparency and environmental impact.

  • A Bullseye View10/7/2013Introducing the Target Sustainable Product Standard

    The Target Sustainable Product Standard, which was developed over the last two years in partnership with industry experts, vendors and NGOs, will help establish a common language, definition and process for qualifying what makes a product more sustainable.

  • San Francisco Chronicle5/16/2011GoodGuide Rates Products on Ingredients' Safety

    GoodGuide's rising popularity — last month it saw 780,000 hits and has grown at a clip of about 10% per month — comes as consumers are becoming savvier and more selective about the products they purchase. With recent scandals such as lead found in toys and concerns about cell phone radiation and dangerous plastics, more and more people have become wary about the products they use and consume.

  • USA Today5/13/2011GoodGuide App Helps Navigate Green Products

    When University of Berkeley-California professor Dara O'Rourke started GoodGuide, a website for seeking out green products, the iPhone hadn't been invented yet.

  • The Boston Globe4/20/2010The Guru of Green

    Goleman cites the website, for example, which aggregates some 200 databases and scores products based on their ecological and health impacts.

  • The Boston Globe4/20/2010How Green Is It?

    GoodGuide uses a scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent, 1 being “pretty poor,” according to founder Dara O'Rourke Here are the top performers for three common household products — cereal, laundry detergent, and shampoo.

  • USA Today4/20/2010Celebrate 40th Earth Day with 50 Green iPhone Apps

    Simply scan the product's barcode to view detailed ratings for the health, environment and social responsibility of more than 65,000 products and companies.

  • Grist11/28/2009GoodGuide Scanner Makes Healthy Food Shopping Point and Click

    Thanks to the app's new built in barcode scanner, GoodGuide has jumped to the home screen. Click on “scan,” point the iPhone at, say, a bottle of organic chocolate sauce, and the app uses the iPhone's camera to read the barcode and deliver instant feedback on the product's “health performance,” “environmental performance” as well its its maker's “social performance”.

  • Inhabitat11/25/2009GoodGuide's New iPhone App Scans for Green Products

    Simply by scanning the barcode with an iPhone, consumers can find out the nitty-gritty details of their favorite personal care, household chemical, toy and food products. Wondering whether that household cleaner you're eyeing is toxic? Just scan it! Shoppers even help pick the products to be rated next based on which ones they scan most frequently.

  • Treehugger11/19/2009GoodGuide's Newest iPhone App Lets You Scan Barcodes In Stores And Get the Scoop on Products

    What's great about the app beyond being able to select the best items, is users can also be part of determining what products are added to the rapidly growing database. If not already in the database, the products scanned most frequently will be prioritized for receiving ratings from GoodGuide.

  • Sierra Club11/18/2009Is it Green? Scan its Barcode to Find Out

    Do you have trouble trying to find the most eco-friendly product in the store? Is it difficult to tell whether companies are greenwashing? Now GoodGuide has put responsible shopping just a few clicks away. The first iPhone application that scans bar codes to provide ratings on healthy, green, and socially responsible products is here. The app, which is available for free from Apple's iTunes App…

  • CNET11/18/2009iPhone App Scans Barcodes for Health, Enviro Ratings

    Just in time for the crazed holiday shopping season, San Francisco-based GoodGuide releases the first iPhone app that lets you scan bar codes for what the guide calls “impartial” health, environmental, and social responsibility ratings of not only the products you are scanning but their companies, too.

  • Newsweek7/21/2009How Our Purchases Affect the Environment

    You don't need to wait for this sustainability index, which may take several years to develop, because there is a wonderful Web site called, which already does this. It's a downloadable app on an iPhone, and it rates products already on just these dimensions and instantly compares them to competitor products, summarizes their impacts in a single score on a 10-point scale, and lets…

  • Grist7/5/2009Grist's Guide to Green iPhone Apps

    Wondering what brand of toothpaste is the most eco-friendly? There's an app for that. Use this app to find out what's in 75,000 common household products. No iPhone? Check out

  • Mother Nature Network6/18/2009GoodGuide: Green Business Guide on Your iPhone

    GoodGuide allows you to get past good marketing and look at the nitty gritty eco-details on tens of thousands of products.

  • The New York Times6/14/2009On Web and iPhone, a Tool to Aid Careful Shopping

    These days, every skin lotion and dish detergent on store shelves gloats about how green it is. How do shoppers know which are good for them and good for the earth?

  • The New York Times5/21/2009Apply These Product Ratings Generously

    We're not trying to tell you how to live your life or what social issue we think you should live by. We want you to make choices that better match your values or your concerns, so you can personalize the information using several filters.

  • Wired4/22/2009To Save the Earth, Start With Data

    “[We want] to move people from being consumers of products to co-producers of supply chains,” GoodGuide CEO and Berkeley professor, Dara O'Rourke told at the website's launch. “This is where we move from individual action, solving an individual problem, to a collective action.”

  • Newsweek4/17/2009How to Raise Your Ecological Intelligence

    Now we can trace the real environmental impact of the stuff we buy. How to raise your own eco-IQ.

  • U.S. News and World Report4/14/20093 Easy Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine for Earth Day

    How to green a beauty routine? Here are some suggestions. Products by Tom's of Maine and Burt's Bees get high rankings in the GoodGuide.

  • The New York Times4/7/2009App of the Week: Rating Your Shopping Basket's Conscience

    Sorting through labels that are at best confusing, misleading or at worst, inaccurate, makes it tough to know what to buy. Fortunately, GoodGuide has done a lot of the work for you.

  • O Magazine3/23/2009O Interview: How Daniel Goleman is Changing Our Ideas About Living Green

    GoodGuide integrates data from hundreds of complex databases and summarizes the bottom line in the time it takes to exhale.

  • Time Magazine3/12/200910 Ideas Changing the World Right Now

    Start-ups like the website Good Guide are sifting through rivers of data for ordinary consumers, providing easy-to-understand ratings you can use to instantly gauge the full environmental and health impact of that T shirt. Even better, they'll get the information to you when you need it.

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  • San Francisco Chronicle2/25/2009Drug Store Woes

    So how do you navigate the drug store? Consult groups that identify good and bad cosmetics. You can even text GoodGuide from the store and they'll respond with safe products.

  • New York Magazine1/11/2009You'll Have Your Very Own Virtue Scanner

    For those worried about unwittingly buying sneakers made by a team of 7-year-old Malaysian seamstresses, Berkeley professor Dara O'Rourke has launched

  • San Francisco Chronicle12/12/2008Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    You won't be doing the children or pregnant women on your list any favors if you give them gifts containing BPA or pthalates. Toys made from “jelly rubber” contain pthalates unless they say otherwise. GoodGuide has rankings of toys and other common gifts here.

  • Wired9/10/2008Startup Fights Greenwashing With Data Sent to Your Phone

    Ever since companies across America, from Exxon to Wal-Mart, started “going green,” scientists, environmentalists and skeptics have all been wondering: What does green mean, anyway? Today, a startup came out of stealth mode claiming that they'll put hard numbers to companies' health and environmental claims about their wares.

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