Partnering with GoodGuide

GoodGuide is committed to ensuring our services are based on the best available product information. We invite brands to partner with us to ensure consumers are receiving accurate information about their products. Our mobile application and website are regularly used by millions of shoppers. We share a common interest in ensuring that the information a consumer sees on our services about a brand's products is correct.

Our Brand Partnership Program

Brands are encouraged to contact us if you want to:

  1. Maintain the ingredient lists for your products. GoodGuide is where consumers go to understand the ingredients in your products. Be transparent and build trust with shoppers by making sure GoodGuide's ingredient lists reflect your most current formulations.

  2. Get your product listed on GoodGuide. Shoppers seeking healthier choices rely on GoodGuide to pick the best products. If you are trying to reach this type of consumer, submit your product to GoodGuide to be included!

    If you are interested in getting your product reviewed and rated, please email us at, or visit to get started.

  3. Become an Advertising Partner. Our new, exclusive advertorial partnerships give brands space to tell their story to our shoppers. You can draw attention to features of your product that aren't captured by our ingredient rating system, such as ingredient sources, your manufacturing practices, or the environmental benefits of your product. Advertorials will be marked as content provided by the partner brand.

    If you'd like to become an advertorial partner, send an email to our partnerships team at

  4. Join the UL PurView Platform. UL's PurView® Platform is a comprehensive decision-support solution that enables manufacturers and retailers to collect, analyze, evaluate and manage the data needed to develop more sustainable products.

    Get more information about UL's PurView®.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Enhance your visibility in the marketplace by adding your product to the most credible and widely used online catalog of rated personal care, household chemical, and food products.

  • Expand the reach of your brand to new consumers actively looking for detailed product information by placing an advertorial showcasing the value of your product and your brand story.