About GoodGuide

GoodGuide's mission is to provide consumers with the information they need to make better shopping decisions. We believe that as more consumers choose products that contain ingredients with fewer health concerns, retailers and manufacturers face compelling incentives to make and sell better products.

To fulfill our mission, GoodGuide combines manufacturer-provided information about product ingredients with authoritative information on the health effects of chemicals. We rate products so that consumers can have instant access to credible information about products that would be very difficult for anyone to develop on their own. We are a team of scientific experts in product and chemical information and have been engaged in this project for ten years. GoodGuide has grown to become the web's most comprehensive and credible resource for information about the impact of consumer products on human health. More than 1 million consumers use GoodGuide's website and mobile apps every month to help decode product labels, research ingredients, and make more informed decisions about the products they purchase.

With GoodGuide, you can:

  • Use our ratings to quickly identify the highest rated products on the market.
  • Find out whether a product contains ingredients with health concerns.
  • Rely on our science expertise to interpret complex information about the potential health effects of different chemicals.
  • Get advice while shopping by using the GoodGuide iOS App, Product Scanner for Android, or the mobile website.

Our Ratings

The GoodGuide Rating was developed using methodologies that are grounded in the sciences of informatics and health risk assessment. Products are scored from a low of 0 to a high of 10. The higher the rating, the better the product from a health perspective.

To learn more about GoodGuide Ratings, please visit the Rating & Methodology page. Note that GoodGuide maintains complete control over its rating system — brands do not have any influence over the ratings we assign to their products.

Our Data

GoodGuide scientists collect data on consumer products and chemical ingredients from a variety of sources. Product ingredient lists are obtained from manufacturers, either by referencing company websites or from the manufacturer directly. Health effect information is obtained from authoritative scientific and regulatory sources. GoodGuide assesses the quality and credibility of each contributing data source. We use industry-standard identification and cross-referencing systems to facilitate matching data from external sources (e.g., we use chemical CAS numbers to connect information about product ingredients with chemical health effects).

GoodGuide strives to be the most reliable source of information about the potential health effects of consumer products. We focus on ensuring we have correct and complete ingredient lists for a product, which may not always be available on manufacturer websites. We have systems that allow product manufacturers to provide ingredient information directly to GoodGuide, because they are in the best position to know exactly what is in their products. Each GoodGuide product page notes the source of the ingredient data — Provided by the brand. Rated by GoodGuide.

What's New

Long-time users of GoodGuide are certain to notice a big change with our October 2016 release. Our ratings now focus on the health impacts of products only — GoodGuide no longer includes company-level ratings of a brand's environmental or social performance.

We have removed company ratings in response to user feedback. Many consumers want to make product choices based solely on the level of health concern associated with a product's ingredients. Our original rating system made this difficult to do, because GoodGuide scores combined product-level health issues (one-third of a product's score) with company-level environmental and socials issues (two-thirds of a product's score). Our new rating system focuses on a product's health score.

We are sure that the removal of company-level ratings will be missed by some of our loyal users, because we know our audience also includes many who shared our founding goal of helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions that reflect their preferences and values, including consideration of the environmental and social performance of companies. We are interested in getting feedback on this change, so please be sure to contact us at GoodGuideFeedback@ul.com if you feel strongly about this change.