About GoodGuide

GoodGuide provides consumers with product information to help guide more informed buying decisions. We believe educated consumers make better choices and will help drive the development of safer, healthier, and more sustainable products. Our team comprises over 50 scientific and regulatory professionals with deep expertise in chemicals and chemical-containing products. The team includes: chemists, toxicologists, lifecycle assessment and regulatory experts.

GoodGuide uses product ingredient information coupled with authoritative sources for chemical regulations to rate products so that consumers can have instant access to credible product information that is easily understood. GoodGuide collects product ingredient information through publicly available data (found on ingredient labels and websites) or directly from the manufacturer. Each product page will indicate the source of the product information.

The GoodGuide website and mobile app are used daily to help consumers decode product labels, research ingredients, and make informed product-purchasing decisions. With GoodGuide, you can:

  • Understand the source for how product information was collected (publicly available or manufacturer disclosed) and become educated on the efforts manufacturers are making to be more transparent to the public about how they are making their products.
  • Use our ratings to quickly compare products on the market within a given product type or usage (example: shampoos).
  • Find out whether a product contains ingredients with identified health hazards.
  • Rely on our science expertise to interpret complex information about potential hazards of different chemicals.
  • Get advice while shopping by using the GoodGuide iOS App, Product Scanner for Android, or the mobile website.

About Our Ratings

Personal Care, Cosmetic and Household Products

The GoodGuide rating for personal care, cosmetic, and household products was developed using methodologies that are grounded in chemical hazard identification and context of use (i.e. products applied dermally vs. ingested). In some cases, where the manufacturer has directly provided formulations to GoodGuide, the concentrations of potentially hazardous ingredients within a product are also known to GoodGuide. Knowing the concentration of potentially hazardous ingredients within a given product helps GoodGuide weigh the ingredient appropriately during scoring. Please note, that GoodGuide never shares confidential business information with the public such as ingredient concentration. The information is only used to accurately score products.

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About Our Personal Care, Cosmetics and Household Product Data

GoodGuide collects ingredient data on consumer products from a variety of sources. Product ingredients (which sometimes include fragrance ingredients) are disclosed directly from the manufacturer or a company website or product label.

When a manufacturer discloses ingredients directly to GoodGuide, they have the opportunity to provide full formulation information enabling more transparent and accurate ratings. Full formulation means that the manufacturer made available to GoodGuide all ingredients contained in the product, as well as the amount (concentration) of that ingredient. Beyond that, the manufacturer has the ability to provide the same information for “fragrance”. In the U.S. while Cosmetic products are governed by laws which require all ingredients to be listed on product labels, “fragrance” are exempt and can be generally referred to simply as “fragrance” on product labels. Some laws also state that only some ingredients above a level of concentration need to be listed for certain household products. To identify products where manufacturers have disclosed to GoodGuide a greater level of ingredient and fragrance information than necessary to comply with product labeling requirements, look for “Provided by the Brand. Rated by GoodGuide”.

Once we have the ingredient information for products, we then identify which of those ingredients have identified hazards using authoritative scientific and regulatory sources. These sources include the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), State of California Proposition 65 List, and Health Canada, to name a few. The GoodGuide scoring committee has assessed the quality, credibility and applicability of each contributing data source prior to designating the source for use in GoodGuide scoring.

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GoodGuide Removes Packaged Food Product Ratings

The science team at GoodGuide recently removed the packaged food category from the product catalog in an effort to rate more products in the core categories of personal care and household chemicals.

GoodGuide ratings are based on an evaluative health algorithm that was developed by leading experts in the fields of environmental and health sciences. Each rating primarily reflects an assessment of the ingredients in a product. To rate formulated products in the personal care and household categories, we examine whether a product's ingredients are on any of the health hazard lists used to identify chemicals with health concerns.

Rating packaged food products required a unique evaluation based on a nutritional evaluation of the product's ingredients and a unique information collection process to collect nutrition fact panel data.

We are sure that some GoodGuide users will miss the packaged food product ratings. Our team would love to hear from you on this topic. Please email us at GoodGuideFeedback@ul.com.