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Eucalyptus Oil in Leave-In Conditioner Guide

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Eucalyptus Oil raises no health concern because:

  • It is not on any of GoodGuide’s lists of toxic chemicals which cause suspected or recognized health effects
  • It has not been detected in human tissue or urine
  • It is not a high production volume chemical that lacks safety data

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From Wikipedia

Eucalyptus oil in the trade are categorized into three broad types according to their composition and main end-use: medicinal, perfumery and industrial. The most prevalent is the standard cineole based "oil of eucalyptus", a colourless mobile liquid (yellow with age) with a penetrating, camphoraceous, woody-sweet scent.[1]

China produces about 70% of the world trade, but most of this is derived from camphor oil fractions rather than being true eucalyptus oil.[2] Significant producers of true eucalyptus oil include South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Chile and Swaziland....

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