Oxybenzone Ingredient Information

High Health Concern
Indicates whether an ingredient in this product is being prioritized for replacement by safer alternatives. It is on the International Chemical Secretariat's "Substitute It Now" list, which contains chemicals that meet the criteria used to identify Substances of Very High Concern in the European Union's REACH program.
Oxybenzone (or its metabolites) is frequently detected in human blood or urine, indicating significant U.S. population exposure.
Oxybenzone is suspected of causing contact or photocontact sensitivity, according to the medical literature (Article by S Schauder and H Ippen in Contact Dermatitis)
Oxybenzone has been restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan.

Products containing Oxybenzone

Sunscreen SPF 15 and Above
Acne Treatment After Shave After Sun Product Air Fresheners Anti Frizz Anti-Aging Automatic Dishwasher Baby Bubble Bath Baby Conditioner Baby Sunscreen Bar Soap Bath Oil/Salts/Soak Body Firming Lotion Body Mist Body Oil Body Spray Body Wash & Cleanser Body and Foot Scrub Bronzer Brow Makeup Bubble Bath Concealer Conditioner Cuticle Treatment Detangler Eye Cream & Treatment Eye Liner Eye Shadow Face & Bodywash Facial Cleanser Facial Moisturizer/Treatment Facial Powder Fever Blister/Cold Sore Foot Cleansing Foundation Foundation with SPF Fragrance (General) Fragrance For Men Fragrance For Women Glitter Hair Care (General) Hair Color and Bleaching Hair Loss Treatment Hair Relaxer Hair Spray Hand Cream Hand Dishwashing Insect Repellents Leave-In Conditioner Lip Balm Lip Balm with SPF Lip Gloss Lip Gloss with SPF Lip Plumper Lip Treatment Lipstick Lipstick with SPF Liquid Hand Soap Makeup (General) Massage Oils and Lotions Men's Grooming (General) Moisturizer Moisturizer with SPF Nail Care (General) Nail Care Kits Nail Polish Nail Strengthener Nail Treatment Oral Pain Relief Peels Polish Remover Redness/Rosacea Treatment Scalp Treatment Scar Treatment Shampoo Shampoo Plus Conditioner Shaving Cream Shaving Cream (Men's) Skin Care Kits Skin Fading/Lightener Spray-on Baby Sunscreen Spray-on Sunscreen Below SPF 15 Spray-on Sunscreen SPF 15 and Above Styling Gel/Lotion Styling Mousse/Foam Sunless Tanning Sunscreen Below SPF 15 Sunscreen SPF 15 and Above Tanning Oil Varicose/Spider Vein Treatment