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Lemon Oil in Automatic Dishwasher Guide

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lemon oil is of regulatory concern because:

  • This ingredient is subject to restrictions on use in fragrances under standards issued by the International Fragrance Association

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The lemon is a small evergreen tree (Citrus × limon, often given as C. limon) originally native to Asia, and is also the name of the tree's oval yellow fruit. The fruit is used for culinary and nonculinary purposes throughout the world – primarily for its juice, though the pulp and rind (zest) are also used, mainly in cooking and baking. Lemon juice is about 5% (approximately 0.3 mole per liter) citric acid, which gives lemons a sour taste, and a pH of 2 to 3. This makes lemon juice an inexpensive, readily available acid for use in educational science experiments. Because of the sour flavor, many lemon-flavored drinks and candies are available, including lemonade and lemon heads....

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