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Scoring Paper Products


Environment scores are assigned to paper products by combining product-level environmental indicators (weighted at 75%) with company-level environmental indicators (weighted at 25%). Product-level scores incorporate the most significant aspects of the overall life cycle impacts of a product, but company-level scores are included to address product-level data gaps.

Product-level Environment scores for this category are based on indicators of

  • Materials choice impacts, as measured by GoodGuide's recycled content index;
  • Toxic waste impacts, specifically the type of bleaching process used; and
  • Certifications of material choice or production process quality.

Health scores are not assigned to paper products , because this category does not typically result in significant human exposure to potentially harmful ingredients at the consumer level.

Society scores are assigned based on company-level societal indicators , since product-level data on societal performance are generally unavailable for this category of products.