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Environment scores are assigned to tampons by combining company-level environmental indicators (weighted at 75%) with supplemental product-level environmental indicators (weighted at 25%). Available product-level information is almost exclusively focused on the types of materials used in the product or packaging and does not cover all impacts of the product over its life cycle. Environmental attributes that are relevant to tampons that are only addressed via a company's Environment score include production waste, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity and ecosystem impacts.

Product-level Environment scores for this category are based on:

  • Materials management indicators, including the type of absorbent material, the type of applicator and packaging attributes
  • Toxic waste indicators, specifically the type of bleaching process used

We selected these supplemental product-level attributes after reviewing category life cycle assessments (which are used to identify the hot spots in a product life cycle) and assessing data availability.

Health scores are not assigned to tampons, because this product category does not result in significant human exposure to potentially harmful ingredients. Assertions that tampons represent a source of exposure to hazardous chemicals like asbestos or dioxin, or that rayon is a cause of toxic shock syndrome have been rejected by authoritative agenciescharged with regulating the safety of tampons.