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  • CNN 7/13/2011 The Trouble With Green Product Ratings

    But how are consumers supposed to know which products may be better for the planet? GoodGuide is trying to assist them by rating over 100,000 consumer products.

  • San Francisco Chronicle 5/16/2011 GoodGuide Rates Products On Ingredients' Safety

    GoodGuide's rising popularity — last month it saw 780,000 hits and has grown at a clip of about 10% per month — comes as consumers are becoming savvier and more selective about the products they purchase. With recent scandals such as lead found in toys and concerns about cell phone radiation and dangerous plastics, more and more people have become wary about the products they use and consume.

  • USA Today 5/13/2011 GoodGuide App Helps Navigate Green Products

    When University of Berkeley-California professor Dara O'Rourke started GoodGuide, a website for seeking out green products, the iPhone hadn't been invented yet.

  • CNET 2/17/2011 GoodGuide Rates Most Virtuous Cell Phones

    Whether they consider it bling or just a tool, people typically buy phones based on features and carrier plans. But if you're looking to add benign environmental and social impact to your feature wish list, GoodGuide has got the data.

  • Newsweek 10/18/2010 True Green

    One sunny morning in 2004, Dara O’Rourke was putting sunscreen on his 2-year-old daughter’s face when he had a disturbing thought. As a professor of environmental policy at the University of California, Berkeley, he’d spent years studying the global supply chains for products like electronics and shoes. But he had no idea exactly what he was smearing on his daughter.

  • USA Today 4/20/2010 Celebrate 40th Earth Day with 50 Green iPhone Apps

    Simply scan the product's barcode to view detailed ratings for the health, environment and social responsibility of more than 65,000 products and companies.

  • The Boston Globe 4/20/2010 The Guru of Green

    Goleman cites the website, for example, which aggregates some 200 databases and scores products based on their ecological and health impacts.

  • The Boston Globe 4/20/2010 How Green Is It?

    GoodGuide uses a scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent, 1 being “pretty poor,” according to founder Dara O'Rourke Here are the top performers for three common household products — cereal, laundry detergent, and shampoo.

  • Fast Company 2/17/2010 Most Innovative Companies of 2010

    Horizon Organic Milk has a worse environmental track record than Nesquik Strawberry Milk? Nature's Gate Baby Soothing Shampoo is more toxic than Suave for Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo? These and other shocking facts about the products around us — from household cleaners to toys to food — are being drilled into consumers thanks to GoodGuide, a startup founded by Dara O'Rourke.

  • Grist 11/28/2009 GoodGuide Scanner Makes Healthy Food Shopping Point and Click

    Thanks to the app's new built in barcode scanner, GoodGuide has jumped to the home screen. Click on “scan,” point the iPhone at, say, a bottle of organic chocolate sauce, and the app uses the iPhone's camera to read the barcode and deliver instant feedback on the product's “health performance,” “environmental performance” as well its its maker's “social performance”.

  • Inhabitat 11/25/2009 GoodGuide's New iPhone App Scans for Green Products

    Simply by scanning the barcode with an iPhone, consumers can find out the nitty-gritty details of their favorite personal care, household chemical, toy and food products. Wondering whether that household cleaner you're eyeing is toxic? Just scan it! Shoppers even help pick the products to be rated next based on which ones they scan most frequently.

  • Treehugger 11/19/2009 GoodGuide's Newest iPhone App Lets You Scan Barcodes In Stores And Get the Scoop on Products

    What's great about the app beyond being able to select the best items, is users can also be part of determining what products are added to the rapidly growing database. If not already in the database, the products scanned most frequently will be prioritized for receiving ratings from GoodGuide.

  • Fast Company 11/19/2009 GoodGuide iPhone App Scans Bar Codes for Environmental and Health Ratings

    The process is simple. You just hit the scan tab on the app, point the phone at a product's barcode, and voila, instant product ratings on baby shampoo, yogurt, and everything in between. So even the laziest among us have no excuse to slack on social responsibility. And did I mention that the app is free?

  • Progressive Grocer 11/18/2009 iPhone App Delivers Environment and Social Responsibility Product Ratings

    In addition, by using the new version of GoodGuide's iPhone application, consumers can help select products to be rated next. GoodGuide will aggregate information about which products are scanned most frequently and use that information to prioritize the products that are rated by the applications.

  • Venture Beat 11/18/2009 GoodGuide Lets You Scan Barcodes to Find the Most Ethical Products

    GoodGuide, one of my favorite applications for the iPhone, just got a cool new feature — barcode scanning. Users could already consult the app for data on whether a product was healthy, environmentally-friendly, and socially-responsible, but now you don't have to type in a search. Just scan the barcode, and the app brings up the relevant information.

  • Sierra Club 11/18/2009 Is it Green? Scan its Barcode to Find Out

    Do you have trouble trying to find the most eco-friendly product in the store? Is it difficult to tell whether companies are greenwashing? Now GoodGuide has put responsible shopping just a few clicks away. The first iPhone application that scans bar codes to provide ratings on healthy, green, and socially responsible products is here. The app, which is available for free from Apple's iTunes App…

  • CNET 11/18/2009 iPhone App Scans Barcodes for Health, Enviro Ratings

    Just in time for the crazed holiday shopping season, San Francisco-based GoodGuide releases the first iPhone app that lets you scan bar codes for what the guide calls “impartial” health, environmental, and social responsibility ratings of not only the products you are scanning but their companies, too.

  • Advertising Age 9/28/2009 GoodGuide Puts Brands' Ethical Claims to the Test

    The hype and puffery of 21st-century ethical marketing may finally have met their match: a small band of venture-funded academics who have set out to systematically rate thousands of consumer products and their manufacturers on how good they really are.

  • Christian Science Monitor 8/30/2009 People making a difference: Dara O'Rourke

    Dara O'Rourke wants to change the way we shop. He already is spurring a growing number of cautious consumers to think twice about what they buy — from soap to soup, detergent to deodorant. Mr. O'Rourke is cofounder of a website and iPhone app called GoodGuide, a sort of CliffsNotes to the confounding and complex world of ingredients typically — but not always — found listed on…

  • Ideal Bite 8/24/2009 An Application A Day

    Get greenness ratings for over 70,000 products — even offers nutritional info and ingredients lists.

  • PC Magainze 7/27/2009 GoodGuide named in the Top 100 Web Sites for 2009 list

    If you're looking for a site to help you buy disposable Styrofoam beer cozies and as many products containing high-fructose corn syrup as possible, GoodGuide is not what you're looking for. What it is good for, though, is finding ratings and deals on a variety of safe, healthy, and green products.

  • Newsweek 7/21/2009 How Our Purchases Affect The Environment

    You don't need to wait for this sustainability index, which may take several years to develop, because there is a wonderful Web site called, which already does this. It's a downloadable app on an iPhone, and it rates products already on just these dimensions and instantly compares them to competitor products, summarizes their impacts in a single score on a 10-point scale, and lets…

  • Grist 7/5/2009 Grist's guide to green iPhone apps

    Wondering what brand of toothpaste is the most eco-friendly? There's an app for that. Use this app to find out what's in 75,000 common household products. No iPhone? Check out

  • Mother Nature Network 6/18/2009 Green business guide on your iPhone

    GoodGuide allows you to get past good marketing and look at the nitty gritty eco-details on tens of thousands of products.

  • Seacoast Online 6/15/2009 Site rates how green a product really is has just a mind-boggling amount of information crammed into the Web site. It analyses data on 70,000-and-counting food, household and personal care products for their health, environmental and social performances.

  • The New York Times 6/14/2009 On Web and iPhone, a Tool to Aid Careful Shopping

    These days, every skin lotion and dish detergent on store shelves gloats about how green it is. How do shoppers know which are good for them and good for the earth?

  • Reuters 6/9/2009 Where Should the Feds Draw the Line on Green Marketing Claims?

    UC Berkeley professor Dara O'Rourke, founder of the product rating web site GoodGuide … thinks there's a need for the federal government to take action beyond the FTC, and he called for Congress to “strengthen and expand disclosure rules that undergird product claims.”

  • The New York Times 5/21/2009 Apply These Product Ratings Generously

    We're not trying to tell you how to live your life or what social issue we think you should live by. We want you to make choices that better match your values or your concerns, so you can personalize the information using several filters.

  • GreenDaily 5/20/2009 GoodGuide Reads Ingredient Lists So You Don't Have To

    Dara was inspired to make it easier for parents, and all of us, to figure out what's in the stuff we put on our bodies and sort out all the pretty marketing claims of “green” products. The result is GoodGuide, a one stop site for you find out how safe and eco-friendly a product really is.

  • CNET 5/19/2009 Webware 100 Editors' Choice: GoodGuide (Best Newcomer)

    We created the Editors' Choice awards for products like this: Small and relatively unknown products that demonstrate real leadership.

  • PBS 5/15/2009 Bill Moyers Interviews Daniel Goleman

    Daniel Goleman explains to Bill Moyers how better educated consumers can help build a sustainable economy.

  • HealthNews 5/3/2009 Health Quotient for What You Put Into Your Mouth

    The diligent staff at Good Guides analyzes and evaluates products based on potentially hazardous ingredients (genetically modified ingredients come to mind), environmental impact (including shipping/transportation), and social, labor and political practices of the manufacturer.

  • ABC News 4/29/2009 Look What We Found: TheFind and GoodGuide

    Should you get the locally grown zucchini or the organically farmed summer quash? The bamboo towel from Asia or the organic cotton bath sheet from Texas? Organic face cream or natural? Disposable or reusable? Plastic or stainless? Is it green, sustainable, FSC and Fair Trade?

  • Mamaista 4/26/2009 You CAN Handle the Truth

    If you're like most moms, you have the occassional freak-out about the true meaning of “organic,” “all natural” and “non-toxic” labels, but without a PhD, making sense of it all can be an exercise in frustration. Enter…

  • Treehugger 4/22/2009 Green Eyes On: Buying for Earth Day

    To find out how your dinner stacks up, visit the Good Guide's website and search food products that are vegan, low in sugar, low in sodium, have a low environmental impact, are organic and so on. In other words, you can choose your foods not just because your belly says “yummm,” but because the planet approves as well.

  • wowOwow 4/22/2009 Is What You're Buying Safe?

    I went shopping … again today, but this time with complete confidence that the toy I was buying was the safest anywhere: I consulted, a brand new shopping app that downloads into an iPhone and rates tens of thousands of products on their safety, as well as their social and environmental impacts.

  • Wired 4/22/2009 To Save the Earth, Start With Data

    “[We want] to move people from being consumers of products to co-producers of supply chains,” GoodGuide CEO and Berkeley professor, Dara O'Rourke told at the website's launch. “This is where we move from individual action, solving an individual problem, to a collective action.”

  • Newsweek 4/18/2009 Truth and Consequences

    Now we can trace the real environmental impact of the stuff we buy. How to raise your own eco-IQ.

  • U.S. News and World Report 4/14/2009 3 Easy Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine for Earth Day

    How to green a beauty routine? Here are some suggestions. Products by Tom's of Maine and Burt's Bees get high rankings in the GoodGuide.

  • The New York Times 4/7/2009 iPhone App of the Week: GoodGuide

    Sorting through labels that are at best confusing, misleading or at worst, inaccurate, makes it tough to know what to buy. Fortunately, GoodGuide has done a lot of the work for you.

  • O Magazine 3/23/2009 Oprah Magazine: Green IQ

    GoodGuide integrates data from hundreds of complex databases and summarizes the bottom line in the time it takes to exhale.

  • Time Magazine 3/12/2009 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now

    Start-ups like the website Good Guide are sifting through rivers of data for ordinary consumers, providing easy-to-understand ratings you can use to instantly gauge the full environmental and health impact of that T shirt. Even better, they'll get the information to you when you need it.

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  • New Scientist 2/28/2009 Website to Dish the Dirt on Foods

    Is it best to buy local produce grown in a greenhouse or an imported alternative? Shoppers will soon have a powerful tool to help answer such conundrums.

  • San Francisco Chronicle 2/25/2009 Drug Store Woes

    So how do you navigate the drug store? Consult groups that identify good and bad cosmetics. You can even text GoodGuide from the store and they'll respond with safe products.

  • New York Magazine 1/11/2009 You'll Have Your Very Own Virtue Scanner

    For those worried about unwittingly buying sneakers made by a team of 7-year-old Malaysian seamstresses, Berkeley professor Dara O'Rourke has launched

  • TechCrunch Crunchies 2008 1/10/2009 Startup Most Likely to Make the World a Better Place

    GoodGuide wins Startup Most Likely to Make the World a Better Place.

  • San Francisco Chronicle 12/12/2008 Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    You won't be doing the children or pregnant women on your list any favors if you give them gifts containing BPA or pthalates. Toys made from “jelly rubber” contain pthalates unless they say otherwise. GoodGuide has rankings of toys and other common gifts here.

  • eBay 12/11/2008 Another resource to help with Consumer Safety: Beta

    It's new and it's in Beta but the GoodGuide looks like another resource worth taking advantage of.

  • Healthy Child Healthy World 12/11/2008 GoodGuide's Holiday Guide to Safe Toys

    A parent's job has always been difficult. But this holiday season it seems you need a team of elves with PhDs to find out where the toys you're buying came from and what chemicals might be lurking inside them.

  • East Bay Express 12/10/2008 The Scientist in Your Pocket

    “Industry spends billions of dollars in this space figuring how to get you to buy their product. You are highly marketed. All we are trying to do is cut a little hole through that wall of marketing money. Here, in your hand, you can have independent information, a personal scientist in your pocket to help you live your own values in the marketplace,” said Founder and CEO Dara O'Rourke.

  • Righteous (re)Style 11/19/2008 Throw Out Your Conditioner Now!

    The good part about the GoodGuide is that it actually provides a list of alternatives. And I am able to buy them immediately from with one click! Maybe I do, finally, need to bid adieu to my favorite The good part about the GoodGuide is that it actually provides a list of alternatives. And I am able to buy them immediately from with one click! Maybe I do, finally, need to…

  • Yahoo! 11/16/2008 GoodGuide's Team of Scientists Does the Hard Work For You

    Have all the headlines about toxic chemicals in toys made you confused about which products to buy your child? You're not alone. Even the experts are stumped when it comes to finding safe toys for their kids….Luckily there are some new tools for consumers who want to make informed choices. It's a good thing, too, because about one third of the 1,500 toys tested by the Ecology Center contained…

  • Holidash 11/16/2008 Guitless Green Pampering Products for Your Beau

    A new website that may or may not have had me and other panic-prone shoppers in mind, can now tell socially conscious shoppers to put down that Bulgari aftershave (which was rated “terrible”!) and suggest the J.P. Durga aftershave (rated “excellent”!) instead. GoodGuide rates products based on how health friendly, environmentally friendly, and socially friendly they are. Those who employ undera…

  • Treehugger 11/7/2008 GoodGuide Proves Green is Priority with Top Prize at Web 2.0 Summit

    Six companies were highlighted at this week's Web 2.0 Summit, each of which earned a chance to show off their stuff in front of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech industry. But it was the audience that prioritized and chose the greener GoodGuide as number one.

  • Plenty Magazine 11/7/2008 Attention, Shoppers: 'Goodness' Database Goes Mobile

    It's time to load up on specialized [mobile] applications. The cleanest and greenest of the mobile bunch is GoodGuide, a database that ranks products by their environmental merits — or, more likely, their inadequacies. It just became available as an iPhone application through Apple's App Store, which is likely to increase its reach and user base quite dramatically.

  • Advertising Age 10/24/2008 Unilever for Obama; P&G For McCain

    In case you needed any other proof of the rivalry, it turns out Procter & Gamble Co. (and its employees through their political action committee) overwhelmingly contribute to Republicans. Unilever doesn't have a PAC, but its employees overwhelmingly contribute to Democrats.

  • ABC News 9/22/2008 Goodguide Helps Knowledge of Products

    The internet is filled with tons information for consumers who want to know what's in the products they buy — if you have hours to surf from site to site. But, what if there was one site that did all the research for you? Now, in a non-descript San Francisco office building — there is.

  • BusinessWeek 9/17/2008 How the Web Can Help You Fight Greenwashing

    So where can one find some green peace of mind? The Web, of course. A growing number of Web sites have started to emerge to help consumers sort through the (green) BS.

  • Lifehacker 9/12/2008 GoodGuide Evaluates Environmental Impact of Your Purchases

    But how is the average consumer supposed to know that XYZ product is made in a sweatshop where workers have no protective gear or that ABC fragrance is made with a chemical banned in several countries? GoodGuide is a web-based database of products that offers ratings for products based on the company's history of social and environmental behavior, the impact of the creation of the particular it…

  • CNET 9/12/2008 Best of shows: Top 10 from DemoFall, TechCrunch50

    Chances for success: Very good. Looks addictive and useful. Great business model. (Site has buying links to products.) Why we like it: Has great product data presented in a compelling and simple interface. And the timing is right; people care about this information.

  • ABC News 9/12/2008 ABC News Tech Bytes

    Ever want to know what type of environmental impact the products you buy make? GoodGuide is a new Web site that ranks products and the companies that make them on their health, environmental and social performance. The site currently offers detailed information on more than 60,000 household and personal care products – from baby shampoos to bathroom cleaners. It will add similar information fo…

  • PC Magazine 9/11/2008 TechCrunch50: A Guide for Truly Good Products

    Unveiled on the third and last day of TechCrunch50 and a clear judge favorite, the result was GoodGuide, a site with a mission very similar to that of GoodGuide relies less on user input, getting its data from public scientific data and has in-house toxicologists and chemists on staff to interpret the not-for-laymen data. It displays a score from 1 to 10 for each product based on…

  • Earth2Tech 9/10/2008 GoodGuide Launches to Shine a Light on Products

    From a purely consumer/user perspective, the team has developed a pretty sticky site. In addition to the easy-to-read ratings, it also has the latest product news (like recalls) and a discussion forum. We can tell you that as GoodGuide adds more and more products to its rankings database, we'll be spending more and more time using it.

  • Wired 9/10/2008 Startup Fights Greenwashing With Data Sent to Your Phone

    Ever since companies across America, from Exxon to Wal-Mart, started “going green,” scientists, environmentalists and skeptics have all been wondering: What does green mean, anyway? Today, a startup came out of stealth mode claiming that they'll put hard numbers to companies' health and environmental claims about their wares.

  • The Washington Post 9/10/2008 GoodGuide Shines Light On The "Goodness" Of Consumer Products

    Product transparency was a popular theme in the twelfth and last session of TechCrunch50, Research and Recommendations, with two companies in particular helping consumers make better purchasing decisions. The first, GoodGuide, was met with unanimous acclaim from the expert panel for its efforts to inform consumers of the social, environmental and health “goodness” of personal care products and…

  • The Industry Standard 9/10/2008 GoodGuide helps you find healthy, sustainable, ethical products

    I haven't been at every TechCrunch50 session, but this is my favorite of the companies I've seen. The judges were unanimous in their support too. They pointed out that the idea may sound basic at first, but compiling and weighing this data actually requires a lot of work and expertise.

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