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What is Underwriters Laboratories?

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was founded in 1894 to create safety standards and conduct fire safety testing for the Chicago World's Fair. Since then, they have grown into a global company that conducts standards development and compliance testing for thousands of products, ensuring that buildings, appliances, electronics, and other consumer products are safe to use and manufactured in a environmentally and socially conscious manner. You've probably seen the UL seal on products you own – the average home contains over fifty UL seals on various products and appliances.

Why did GoodGuide partner with UL?

GoodGuide and UL share a mission of empowering consumers to find safe, healthy, and sustainable products. We believe that UL's global network of testing and auditing facilities, government partnerships, and legacy of trust with manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, combined with GoodGuide's consumer website and data platform will help further our mission.

What's it like to work at UL?

GoodGuide is run as an independent subsidiary of UL from our office in San Francisco. We have the same environment, culture, and perks that you'd expect from a software start-up (see our list of common questions for details). Because UL is a privately-owned corporation, GoodGuide does not offer employee stock options, but we do offer employee salaries and bonuses that are comparable with other large, private technology employers.

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