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Meet the GoodGuide Team

GoodGuide is made up of people from all kinds of different backgrounds: engineers, product designers, chemists, environmental scientists, and MBAs. And they come from all over the world, from England and Portugal to Iowa. We love to travel, surf, ski, drink great wine, and go camping with our kids, DJ at music festivals, and build great products together. We also have a unique passion for applying our talents to making the world a better place.

Our executive team:

  • Dara O'Rourke Dara O'Rourke Founder Dara is a professor at UC Berkeley and GoodGuide's founder. He's also the author of Shopping for Good.
  • George Consagra George Consagra CEO George brings experience from Scribed, Bebo, and Organic to GoodGuide, helping to build the team, provide vision, and influence site strategy. When he's not at GoodGuide, you can find him out surfing.
  • Bill Pease Bill Pease Chief Scientist Bill is responsible for the systems used to rate products and companies by their health, environmental and social impacts.
  • Pedro Vieira Pedro Vieira VP of Science As a founding member, Pedro helped design and implement the GoodGuide rating system. Aside from food and wine, he loves turning complex science into cool products.
  • Ryan Aipperspach Ryan Aipperspach Director of Engineering and Design Ryan is one of GoodGuide's founding engineers, coming straight from grad school at UC Berkeley. He also loves to do design research on his weekends.
  • Daniel Schmidt Daniel Schmidt Director of Product Management Dan is passionate about developing information platforms with potential for social impact. He shares his thoughts on product management on Quora.
  • Anne Ashbey Anne Ashbey VP of Marketing and Accounts Anne loves a good story, and draws on 15+ years in direct/e-com marketing and media, plus a few years running a film festival, to tell GoodGuide’s.

Team members:

  • Jon Wolles Jon Wolles Talent Acquisition
  • Jeanine Adkisson Jeanine Adkisson Software Engineer
  • Nathan Amick Nathan Amick Software Engineer
  • Joshua Bates Joshua Bates Software Engineer
  • Marlena Compton Marlena Compton Product Engineer
  • Dennis Crothers Dennis Crothers User Experience
  • Swamy Gopalsamy Swamy Gopalsamy Software Engineer
  • David Hamp-Gonsalves David Hamp-Gonsalves Software Engineer
  • Yu Kuwabara Yu Kuwabara Chemist As a member of the Science Team, Yu looks through the ingredients of the products going into the GoodGuide database and helps update the health rating system. He loves the outdoors, and you'll find him there when he's not at work.
  • Ryan Long Ryan Long Software Engineer
  • Jennifer Mar Jennifer Mar Senior Data Entry Specialist
  • Lan Nguyen Lan Nguyen Associate Product Manager Lan works on the consumer side of GoodGuide including web and mobile. She's a UC Berkeley grad, East coast transplant, and food enthusiast.
  • Dave Norem Dave Norem Senior Research Associate Sustainability, beer, science, data. Repeat.
  • Jessica Pan Jessica Pan Software Engineer
  • Richard Park Richard Park Office Manager
  • Matt Ridenour Matt Ridenour Software Engineer
  • Emma Steimann Emma Steimann Software Engineer
  • Mikey Steger Mikey Steger Software Engineer
  • Miriam Traore Miriam Traore Senior Data Specialist
  • Simon Waddington Simon Waddington Software Engineer When he's not busy making servers hum, Simon spends his time paragliding high above California. He's even been known to check in on servers from 10,000 feet.
  • Dan Weinand Dan Weinand Software Engineer

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