GoodGuide: More than just a consumer website

Jobs at GoodGuide

Managing the global supply chain

Creating safer, more sustainable products requires more than just giving information to consumers. It also requires that the right incentives and tools are in place for manufacturers to produce better products and for retailers to pick the best products to sell in their stores. GoodGuide is building tools to improve each step in this process, including

  • Reporting tools for manufacturers to share information about their products and practices,
  • Scorecards for retailers to compare different products against their own sustainability standards, and
  • Data APIs to share product information between manufacturers and retailers and with consumers.

Technical challenges

Managing all of this supply chain data involves solving a variety of technical and product design challenges. A few that we're working on at the moment include

  • Building a Ruby-based enterprise service bus (ESB) on top of Resque and Ruote,
  • Designing a data model that allows different manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to dynamically define different products and their associated attributes, including generating dynamic JSON schemas,
  • Implementing consumer-site-quality enterprise applications with Backbone.js and Pusher, and
  • Working with suppliers and retailers to understand the reporting, privacy, and security requirements that will enable them to feel comfortable sharing increasing amounts of information with each other and with consumers.

All of the applications we build rely on separable components and APIs, allowing us to share, reuse, and scale infrastructure easily. We strive to open-source our tools and APIs whenever possible.

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